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Joyce asked...

Mirtazapine tablet

I took a mirtazapine tablet by mistake can I still take my Ramipril?

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The answer

You will need to contact your GP to seek his/her advice. They may suggest the following: 

You can take the Ramipril as long as the following conditions are met.

Firstly that you have been taking Ramipril every day for more than a couple of months and you have been taking Mirtazapine everyday alongside albeit at a different of the day.

Secondly the gap between the time you should have taken the Ramipril tablet and the time you now take Ramipril is no longer than 12 hours.

There are no listed interactions between Ramipril and Mirtazapine. If, however the gap is longer than 12hours or you have recently started taking Ramipril then it may be prudent to wait until the next day before you take the Ramipril tablet. It may also be a good idea to miss your usual dose of Mirtazapine for today as you have already taken it. You will need to consult your GP as this is an information centre and your GP is in charge of your care so you will need to seek his/her guidance.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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