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Everyday mindfulness

In our busy world, many people find themselves stressed and anxious, getting swept along...

Ten top tips for a better night’s sleep

Have you noticed that when you feel good about yourself, you work better?

10 health benefits of mindfulness

Find out some of the health benefits of mindfulness and meditation with AXA PPP healthcare.

Raisin meditation mindfulness exercise

Raisin meditation is a mindfulness exercise that requires you to...

Mindful breathing tips

In this guide, Eugene Farrell, psychological health expert at AXA PPP healthcare...

Life after caffeine: Top 10 Survival tips

You’ve pledged to consume less caffeine, but life without lattes...

Choosing a Counsellor or Therapist

Has the weight you were carrying upon your shoulders became so heavy and burdensome?

Bowel Cancer: Apr' 14

Sue Airey and Dr Poonam Chouhan answer your questions on Bowel Cancer