Pressure pain at the back of my head.

For a number of weeks I have had pressure pain at the back (left) of my head; it’s the sort of pain one would experience having a bruise (but I did not bruise my head lately).

It has not changed for a while but seem to get worse when under stress; the pain eases off when laying down and relaxing into a certain position. Just concerned it might be something sinister like a tumor...

4 March 2015

Headaches are often stress related, but can be caused by dehydration and muscular tension in the shoulders or neck. On occasions they can also be caused by a trapped nerve in the neck, this also can produce numbness and tingling in the arms or hands.

The fact that the symptoms improve when you are in a relaxed position suggests a muscular or nerve issue. Any space occupying lesion (tumour) would produce persistent symptoms and they would not disappear due to lying in certain positions, also other symptoms would be present, such as nausea, balance issues and visual or hearing issues.

I do suggest you follow up with your GP and discuss referral to a neurologist who specialises in headaches.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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