Who can compose the better lullaby – a human or a machine?

19 October 2017

Lullabies have been used across cultures for centuries to sooth babies and help them fall asleep. And they seem to work, so why can’t lullabies help adults too?

By examining the components of popular lullabies, could we create the ultimate song or piece of music that will help us to feel calm and drift into restful sleep? And if we could, what would it be like? What kind of instruments would it include?

We’ve produced two lullabies that can be enjoyed by adults or children, one’s been composed and played by humans and the other has been created by an Artificial Intelligence machine. Which one works the best for you?

Sit back, relax and hopefully we can help you to sleep.



Here are audio only versions of the same tracks if you prefer without the visuals:



Lullabies infographic