My snoring is affecting my home life

To say I snore is an understatement. I always have even when I lived with my parents however my husband is saying it has steadily got worst and it’s now made it impossible for us to sleep together. It is so bad that he can’t sleep even with earplugs in. He looks shattered so I now sleep on the sofa so we live pretty much as brother and sister now – not good.

And despite me being able to sleep anywhere and I’m asleep within seconds I’m starting to feel the effects of sleeping on the sofa and I’m not getting the best night sleep, my back aches and it’s taking its toll, I feel exhausted and at work after a while I've lost concentration and find myself just starring at my screen. And if I do go to bed, I’m so tired my snoring is even worse. Even my patience is wearing thin….. with everything and everyone.

Sleeping on the sofa has been going on for a long as I can remember. This can’t carry on. But I feel I have tried everything. In 2012 I brought a SomnoGuard AP mandibular advancement device and as we thought that helped 6 months later I invested in a more permanent solution - the Somnowell MAA at £1000! This is no longer working despite having adjustments and where I breathe through my mouth (I've never ever been able to breathe through my nose, not even as a child and have had two operations on my nose) my mouth is becoming dry and the inside of my cheek is sticking to the metal so when I take it out it rips and hurts.

And from looking at the NHS website I have done everything - I have lost weight (currently 2lbs short of 3 stone), I do not drink alcohol, I do not smoke and I exercise regularly (run 4 times a week pushing my 1 year old in the pushchair). So I don’t know what’s left I can do. I/we are at our whit's end. I want to cry – I started this email all bright and cheery and now I’m welling up.

What should I do? Every time I visit my doctor she makes me feel like I'm wasting my time.

5 February 2015

We are sorry to hear you are having such problems. Unfortunately snoring is still one of those things that remain hard to treat. Another option you could try would be to go to a sleep specialist and get a full evaluation of what is happening whilst you sleep.

It may be that further surgery is needed to assist you with nasal breathing. Your GP can refer you to a sleep centre so you can get the help you need. You need to make it clear that this condition is affecting your home life, and making you unhappy. We hope this helps and wish you well.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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