Own Your Fears – David’s story

14 January 2018

David was never one to do what society expected of him. An ex-pharmacist, he had always been conscious of how health can impact quality of life, but it wasn’t until a number of health issues arose in his family that he felt the need to do something about his own lifestyle.

He’s since dedicated years of his life to martial arts, core strength training, and muscle conditioning. We met him in the shed in his back yard as he demonstrated his karate routine, and he pointed out that while you can’t fight ageing, you can control the way it impacts you. Having recently turned 60, he’s motivated to continue being fit and healthy to allow him to keep up his adventurous travels all over the world.

To find out how we can help you get back on your feet, visit our Musculoskeletal hub.

Inspired by David, we’ve developed an online guide to help you turn your fears into motivation. So if you want to #OwnYourFears, you can learn more here

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