Coping with separation.

I am recently separated after a long marriage and am finding it difficult to cope with, can you recommended or offer any facilities to help me beat this?

3 March 2015

I am sorry to read about the circumstances you find yourself in following the breakdown of your marriage. It is, indeed, an extremely stressful experience that can be unsettling for all parties involved. Free legal advice which is available to everyone, regardless of income, will help you with the practicalities of separation/divorce, if that is what you want, and the arrangements regarding property, children, financial support etc.

The emotional impact of marriage breakdown can also be high and can include feelings of grief, loneliness, guilt, frustration, anxiety, anger and, sometimes depression. In order to manage your emotions, it is important to have people to talk to. These may be family or friends as well as professionals such as psychotherapists and counsellors. Your GP may also be able to support you, tending to your physical medical needs as appropriate and referring you for counselling, if necessary, to help you work through the emotional impact of separation.

In addition to professional help, keeping yourself healthy by eating well and taking regular exercise will help you cope emotionally and you may also consider taking up Yoga or Meditation classes to help you relax. It is important to avoid taking non-prescription drugs or excessive alcohol. Keeping a journal of how you are feeling can be helpful in expressing your emotions day and night and is a healthy way to ‘off load’ negative feelings surrounding the whole situation.

Try to take time to help yourself relax. Get involved in sport or social activities, watch a movie or prepare your favourite meal to distract yourself regularly. This sort of relaxation will also help you to sleep better and so boost your energy to cope with daily routines.

I hope you find this helpful and wish you all the best moving forward.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.

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