Finding a counsellor for anxiety, abandonment issues, worry and OCD...

Please can you push me in the right direction for talking to a counsellor for anxiety, abandonment issues, worry and OCD?

14 November 2016

The first step would be to speak to your GP about how you are feeling. They may be able to refer you on to a counsellor on the NHS. They may also be able to make recommendations about counsellors that they know in your area. GP’s are also able to help with anxiety and some of the other issues that you have mentioned. This can sometimes compliment the work that a counsellor will do with you.

It is also worth speaking to your employer as many companies do provide support for their staff via an employee support program. This often includes being able to speak to a counsellor in confidence.

In some areas there are also voluntary organisations or charities that offer counselling. These organisations tend not to charge clients but may ask for a small donation. Mind is an example of a charity that offer support both nationally and locally. They have a very useful website as well as various helplines. You can find out more about them by using the following :

Another option is to arrange to see a counsellor on a self-paying, private basis. You can use the following link to find a qualified counsellor in your area, as well as information on costs and types of therapy :

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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