I recently suffered a family bereavement

I recently suffered a family bereavement and since then have been feeling a sense of anxiety most of the time which is quite debilitating - I am reluctant to take pills so am seeking advice on what other actions I might take to alleviate the anxiety?

3 July 2014

Firstly, sorry to hear you have suffered a loss. It is of course understandable that you will feel anxious following the death of someone close to you. It sounds like a cliché but time really does help the healing process. Try initially to plan each day as it comes.

Make the following happen every day and it will provide a different focus.

  • Dress in bright colors.
  • Chat to a; family/friend/neighbour/shopkeeper… make contact with someone every day.
  • Get out of the house for at least 2 hours even if it’s only a walk.
  • Cook yourself at least 1 proper meal a day.
  • Plan what you want to watch on TV or choose a film that you can look forward to watching in the evening.
  • Find reading again (it’s a good distraction).
  • Talk about and remember your loved one have a cry if required but only for 1 hour. Then focus on other things.
  • Use helplines and other sources of support whilst you need it.

In the long term you might consider

  • A holiday as the planning and booking is a good way to re-focus and have a distraction. Even camping.
  • Joining support groups works well for some.
  • Counselling, (you may be eligible for over the phone counselling through AXA).
  • Nurse assistance 24hrs from AXA PPP we are available to discuss any anxieties or health related questions.

We hope that this information helps a little, remember you can always call us we are happy to help.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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