I have groin pain – could it be a trapped nerve?

I have unexplained groin pain and I am desperate to get a diagnosis and cure. I have prickly sensation in both sides of my groin, inner thighs and buttock area near my anus. The pain occurs when I am driving, riding a bike or sitting on certain surfaces. But when I stop and walk about I get instant and complete relief. I never get groin, buttock or thigh pain when walking. I’ve had various scans, but they haven’t shown much. What should I ask my doctor to try?

26 June 2017

Your groin pain sounds like a trapped nerve that is only being pressurised when you sit in a certain position.

A trapped nerve is often caused by wear and tear in the spine, which causes nerves in the spinal cord to be pinched or squashed.

You should feel reassured that the scans have not shown anything serious, and also that the symptoms are stable (not worsening) and episodic (they come and go).

I think it would be worth seeing a neurologist, a specialist who works with conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord and nerves, among other areas.
They could give you a second opinion and find out if there are any other tests that need to be done.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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