Small lump on my left testicle

I found a small lump on my left testicle a few days ago. I have been to see my GP today and he has diagnosed it as a epididymal cyst. He told me its a lump in the epididymis not the testis itself.

My concern is that I am not sure he has felt the lump correctly. It is hard to find unless the testicles are warm ( during a shower for example) Hard to find, especially in a cool doctors room.

The small lump, it feels solid to touch, well certainly not soft. similar to a grain of sand size. Would epididymal cyst feel hard to the touch? From what I have read they should be soft to the touch. I can only run my finger over its not possible to feel between two fingers. I can feel all the cords joining the Testis and the lump feels to be near that join but more on the testis itself. top left. On my right testicle I can find another lump but this one is at the back. this one is much smaller when checking it feels hard too. this one is where the tubes join the testis and does feel that is is not attached to the testis itself. my thoughts. is it definitely an epydidymal cyst then nothing to be of concern however if he hasn't felt it correctly and it is a lump on the testes then thats does need to be looked at. Further info much appreciated.

27 February 2014

It is a good idea to check your testes regularly and report anything new to your GP for further evaluation. Your doctor has examined you and not found any lumps that are concerning, so that is very reassuring.

A lump that is only the size of a grain of sand sounds like it could be a tiny cyst of the tunica albuginea (usually described by the patient as firm pin-head sized lump) or a spermatocele.

What should I do if I'm worried about a lump on my testicle?

As you’re worried that the doctor didn’t examine the correct area that you’re concerned about, it would be very sensible to get a second opinion. Hopefully you can be fully reassured that the diagnosis is correct. An ultrasound scan can easily determine the exact nature of the lump if the doctor is unsure, especially if there are any signs that it’s getting bigger.

Answered by our Health at Hand Nurses.

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