My penis has started to bend at a strange angle

In the last two years my penis has started to bend at a strange angle making it difficult to have sex. I have recently turned 62 years old is it something to do with my age? I have no other known health problems apart from high cholesterol, I am not too over weight at 5ft-7" and 12.1/2 stone.

16 September 2013

About five per cent of men over the age of 50 will develop a condition of the penis called Peyronie’s disease. This is a benign but potentially emotionally upsetting condition in which scar tissue develops on the shaft of the penis sometimes resulting in a penile bend noticeable with erections. This can lead to sexual dysfunction with in some cases the affected man avoiding a sexual relationship altogether.

A proportion of affected men will find erections and intercourse too painful although others will simply notice a lump on the shaft of the penis or a minor painless penile bend which does not cause too much trouble. 

Unfortunately there are no really effective cures for this condition although medications and surgical procedures have been tried. An operation called the 'Nesbit procedure' is used to correct the penile bend but this is normally only used in those who are more severely affected as the procedure is not guaranteed to work and may result in complications such as erectile dysfunction.
Answered by Dr Alasdair Wright.


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