Dull ache following vasectomy.

I had a vasectomy done last Tuesday evening. I'm still finding it difficult to get around due to pain within my groin area. I am taking strong pain killers but they now don't seem to have the same effect. Is it normal to be having this very dull ache and swelling still?

7 December 2014

It is normal to have pain and bruising in the scrotal area after a vasectomy, a dull ache is also very normal. A dull ache, pain and swelling can last for 7-14 days and sometimes longer. Most men return to light work two days after surgery and use pain killers (analgesia) to help them to manage this.

Sometimes if there is considerable pain then this can be due to the formation of an internal bruise known as a haematoma. Sometimes the pain can be due to an infection (redness, swelling, heat and pain).

We would suggest a discussion with your surgeon or General Practitioner because the strong painkillers are not effective; the pain does not seem to have reduced for you and there may be the formation of a haematoma or an infection. A haematoma or an infection is very easy to treat.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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