Considering circumcision

Given problems with foreskin tightness I am considering circumcision. I have also consider preputioplasty before, but from consulting with medical practitioners in the past, some have seemed against this method of treatment. I would like your advice on this. In addition to this, although it may be an enquiry better directed to your customer services team, please can you advise me on which are the best private practitioners available through AXA PPP for circumcision / preputioplasty? Many thanks

26 October 2015

Generally speaking pre putioplasty is thought to be more helpful before adulthood where the types of adhesions and scarring due to phimosis (foreskin tightening) are more likely to be minimal. It is known that once adulthood is reached there tends to be more ‘stiffening’ of the fibrous bands that cause the phimosis and more complex adhesions making this type of surgery less successful or indicated. Each case is individual of course so it is helpful to seek advice from a surgical consultant who can assess and discuss with you whether the procedure is likely to be helpful in your case.

We can see that you have already discussed this with some medical practitioners who have seemed against this which may be due to the above. Both procedures carry potential benefits and you are right that it is important to undergo the best procedure for your particular situation. Circumcision does usually carry a high success rate and patients are frequently very happy with the results and effectiveness of this procedure.

Unfortunately we can’t recommend any specialists as we would expect your GP to recommend an appropriate specialist or provide you with an open referral. Once this is done we would ask you call in to set up a claim, we can either check the name of the specialist the GP has provided you with or we can refer your case to out fast track appointments team where they can source the correct consultant and even book the appointment for you. Alternatively you can search via our website to find urologists in your area.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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