Meet the Authors

Our Clinical Team

Arup Paul

Dr Arup Paul, AXA PPP healthcare deputy Chief Medical Officer Arup is passionate about achieving population level health excellence through strategic analysis, design, innovation and implementation. As a former NHS GP Partner, NHS Clinical Commissioning Group Lead, NHS England advisor and Chief Operating Officer for a leading rehabilitation & case management service provider, he’s applied his skills in both the public and private healthcare sectors. Dr Paul joined AXA PPP healthcare in 2017 where his responsibilities include developing new models of care delivery to improve member experience and clinical outcomes.

Eugene Farrell

With 30 years’ experience in the UK healthcare arena (both public and private), Eugene provides thought leadership for AXA and is our mental health lead. Media writer, blogger and tweeter, and a key figure in Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) industry. He regularly provides health and wellbeing consultancy and training services to major employers around the world, including stress, resilience, work life balance, policy development, crisis management and business continuity. Away from work Eugene volunteers as an instructor, coach and instructor trainer for the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) and has conducted thousands of dives including very deep technical diving expeditions.

Evelyn Wallace

Evelyn, a Registered General Nurse, is Operations Manager of AXA PPP healthcare’s Cancer Care team, where she is responsible for ensuring excellent customer service and continuing development of the team. Evelyn began her nursing career in 1979, qualifying as an RGN working in gynaecology, going on to train as a midwife in 1980 and then gaining comprehensive clinical experience through working in various disciplines in the NHS. She has also gained a wide breadth of experience in case management over 25 years of work in the health insurance sector. Evelyn’s experience in Cancer Care was recognised by AXA PPP healthcare’s when she joined in 2007 to help establish and develop the new Cancer Care team. She was appointed as Clinical Manager in 2010 and continues to ensure the team have up to date clinical knowledge to deliver excellent customer service.

Jan Vickery

A chartered physiotherapist and ergonomist, Jan is head of clinical operations for AXA PPP healthcare’s specialist Health Services division, where she leads its musculoskeletal and psychological services. She sits on the ethics committee of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and is a past member of the board of directors of the Council for Work and Health. Jan graduated with a BSc in physiotherapy from the University of Cape Town in 1993 and worked in South Africa for a short while before relocating to Michigan in the USA where she began her first work in occupational rehabilitation. She subsequently moved to the UK where she completed an MSc in health ergonomics at the Robens Centre for Health Ergonomics at the University of Surrey in 2000. Jan has extensive experience of the management of musculoskeletal health and has experience across a wide variety of employment settings, including aviation, financial services, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, retail and the NHS. Her understanding of musculoskeletal pathology and expertise in ergonomics give her a powerful insight into effectively managing work-related musculoskeletal issues.

Mark Winwood

Dr Mark Winwood is a leading psychologist, and Director of Psychological Services for AXA PPP healthcare’s specialist Health Services division. He holds associate fellowship and chartership with the British Psychological Society and is accredited by the Health and Care Professions Council. He is also a chartered scientist. With AXA PPP healthcare Mark focuses on developing clinical and operational frameworks to allow the joint delivery of evidence based psychological care across its wellbeing and medical services. Prior to joining AXA PPP healthcare, Mark worked as senior psychologist in the NHS and has many years of clinical experience and research expertise. Mark also works in clinical practice in London.

Andrew Walsh

Our external podiatrist.

Our Health@Hand Team

Ashley Leitner Murphy

Specialism: Pharmacist

Emma Cronin

Specialism: Nurse/Midwife

Emma Cronin is a registered nurse and midwife within AXA PPP healthcare's Health at Hand team. Prior to joining us, Emma worked in the NHS for over 30 years, accumulating a considerable breadth of knowledge across the fields of nursing and widwifery. She lists her particular areas of specialism and interests as gynaecology, sexual health, midwifery and pregnancy care, paediatric care and mental health. Emma is a mother to 3 young adults, and her interests outside work include providing medical, practical and emotional support to groups run by various church and homeless organisations.

Himaunshika "Hema" Love

Specialism: Pharmacist

Hema is a registered pharmacist and a long-standing member of AXA PPP healthcare's Health at Hand team. Here she uses her professional expertise and passion for the subject to great effect, helping members and theiir families understand their medication and its effects and ensuring they get maximum benefit from it; and responding to medicine-related enquiries through our Ask the Expert service. Prior to joining AXA PPP, Hema worked in hospital, retail and industry environments, and her roles have included training and accrediting hospital dispensers and working as a manager and locum in retail She continues to work as a locum pharmacist in retail in order to mauintain her practice.

Jackie Hall

Specialism: Nurse/Midwife

A registered nurse and midwife with over 30 years experience within the health service, Jackie leads the Health at Hand team as clinical manager, offering 24hr/365 medical information and support to anyone who needs our help, whether they're an AXA PPP customer or not. Jackie believes in empowering people to take charge of their own health needs and medical journey with evidence based information and support. She also understands the importance of tailoring that support so every conversation is specific to each individual's needs and situation. She gains particular pleasure from her role when she or one of her team really makes a difference to someone by taking the time to listen and understand their health concern and providing the answers they need to help alleviate their worry and anxiety. Outside work Jackie has a busy family life and is a practicing yoga teacher. She enjoys being active and is often accompanied by her dog, Odi who reminds her to stay present in the moment and smile.

Jason Webb

Specialism: Nurse

Jason is a registered nurse and advanced grief cousellor, with a particular interest in primary care nursing. Jason sits in our Health at Hand team, where he plays a key role in delivering our bereavement support service for AXA PPP healthcare members, as well as providing telephone and online support for general health queries as part of our free information service. What Jason enjoys most about his role is helping to empower people to optimise their health and wellbeing.

Jorgeana Lass

Specialism: Pharmacist

Jorgeana is a pharmacist and medical scientist with a particular interest in pulmonary and elderly medicine, focusing in particular on hypertension, pain and cardiovascular problems. She was one of the first group of medicines optimisation pharmacists to work in GP practices in the UK, and now puts that expertise to use in AXA PPP healthcare's Health at Hand team, where she helps service users understand and get maximum benefit from their medication, and reduce the risk of harm.

Jo Poolman

Specialism: Nurse

Jo is a registered nurse with over forty years of experience. With a background in emergency and community nursing, more recently she has specialised in school and occupational health. As manager of the Health at Hand team, Jo enjoys ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of the service and maintaining the high quality of support we provide for AXA PPP healthcare members and their families.

Lane Wells

Specialism: Nurse

Lane is a registered general nurse and has been qualified for 17 years. Lane has experience in hospital, community and hospice settings and she brings this wealth of experience and knowledge to AXA PPP healthcare's Health at Hand team, where she helps provide medical information and support, and sometimes just someone to talk to, to anyone that needs it, at any time of the day or night.

Louise Greatex

Specialism: Nurse

Louise is a registered nurse who spent the early part of her career at London's Chelsea and Westminster hospital, gaining experience across a number of areas before specialising in endocrinology and dementia. From there she moved to Melbourne, Australia to work in a neuro-surgical ward for a year, before embarking on her travels to various corners of the world. Now Louise is enjoying her new challenge, providing medical information and support as part of AXA PPP healthcare's round -the-clock Health at Hand service.

Maria Yiangou

Specialism: Pharmacist

Since qualifying with a Masters in Pharmacy in 2009, Maria gained experience in the community pharmacy and medicines information sectors before joining AXA PPP healthcare's Health at Hand team of pharmacists. Here she provides members and other service users with medicines related information on a wide variety of topics, for example the treatment of new or existing conditions, potential side effects, travel vaccinations, herbal medicines and so on. Other aspects of the role that are of particular interest to Maria include the provision of longer term support to customers with certain chronic medical conditions; supporting members post-surgery with related medication needs; and undertaking member wellbeing calls.

Mena Panaite

Specialism: Nurse

Mena has been a registered nurse for over 25 years and, together with a wealth of experience, brings a huge amount of warmth and compassion to her role as a nurse advisor in AXA PPP healthcare's Health at Hand team. Mena's journey as a nurse started in Romania where she trained. She subsequently worked for the NHS as an oncology-haematology nurse, before eventually joining AXA PPP. Here she gains a great deal of satisfaction from helping our members with their wellbeing concerns and providing the support they need at any time of the night and day.

Nikki Lichtblau Porges

Specialism: Nurse and Menopause Specialist

Pedro Santos

Specialism: Nurse

Pedro is a registered nurse with a BSc (Honours) in Nursing and a keen interest in the fields of orthopaedics and gastroenterology. He's been part of AXA PPP healthcare's round the clock Health at Hand medical information and support service for the past 3 years and gains a huge amount of satisfaction from his role, which includes answering general health queries, assisting with locating and navigating health systems or simply offering a listening ear to those in need. In his spare time Pedro is a photographer, video gamer and shower-singer.

Rhiannon Eyre

Specialism: Nurse

Rhiannon has a BSc in Accident and Emergency Nursing, an Emergency Nurse Practitioner qualification and 13 years experience in an A&E environment, giving her a huge breadth of knowledge to draw from. Now part of AXA PPP healthcare's Health at Hand team, she enjoys being able to make a difference to our members, by taking the time to listen, understand their problem and offer possible next steps; by providing perspective and a shoulder to cry on; and by holding hands with people who are in situations that are impacting on their health and life. Rhiannon's special interest is children’s health - the physical, mental and the emotional - but she enjoys supporting every aspect of a member's journey.

Rosie Henley

Specialism: Nurse/Midwife

Rosie is a registered nurse and midwife, clocking up over 10 years in the NHS, before joining AXA PPP healthcare's Health at Hand team. Here she is able to draw on her skills and experience to support our members in their moments of need, especially enjoying being a part of a couple’s journey into parenthood and supporting them once their baby arrives. Rosie's particular interest is women's health, and in addition to her role at AXA she puts her love of teaching to good use as a qualified hypnobirthing and baby massage instructor.

Sarah Brown

Specialism: Nurse

Sarah is a registered nurse with hospital experience in cardiology and intensive care, gained at St Thomas' and Guy's Hospitals in London. After a career break to have her family, Sarah took up a role in a GP practice, turning her focus to the management of long term health conditions, such as COPD, CVD, diabetes and other more general nursing skills, including women’s health, childhood immunisations, travel immunisations and health checks. After ten years in practice nursing, Sarah joined AXA PPP healthcare as a nurse advisor in the Health at Hand team, where she enjoys putting her experience and skills to use supporting members with their health concerns. At home Sarah has two dogs that keep her busy; the rest of her time is split between looking after her family, singing, acting, reading and sleeping!

Our Proactive Health Team

Alex Read

Specialism: Physiologist

Amy Creedon

Specialism: Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Psychology & MSc Health

Anna Fountain

Specialism: Junior Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Sport and Exercise Science

Anthony Glock

Specialism: Junior Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Sport and Exercise Science, MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition & Qualified Personal Trainer

Dan Craig

Specialism: Physiologist
Qualifications: MSc Exercise and Sports Sciences & Certified Nutrition Coach

Dan Poulter

Specialism: Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Sport and Exercise Science

Dan Webster

Specialism: Programme Lead Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Sport and Exercise Science

Edward Wiggins

Specialism: Physiologist
Qualifications: Details coming soon

Emma Mudge

Specialism: Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Qualifications: BSc Applied Psychology & PGCert Advanced Practice in Psychological Wellbeing

Finlay Haswell

Specialism: Junior Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Sports and Exercise Science, Published paper in Psychology of Sport and Exercise & Fitness Instructor (L2)

Gabbie Avola

Specialism: Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation & MSc Clinical Exercise and Physiology

George Hucker

Specialism: Programme Lead Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Sports and Exercise Science & MSc Applied Exercise Physiology

Georgina Camfield

Specialism: Nutritionist
Qualifications: BSc Sport and Exercise Science & MSc Human Nutrition & Registered (ANutr) & Fitness Instructor

Jemelle Carpenter-Gayle

Specialism: Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Sports and Exercise Science & MSc Strength Conditioning

Jermaine Izukanne

Specialism: Junior Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Sports and Exercise Science

Lauren Davenport

Specialism: Junior Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Physiology & MSc Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation & Qualified Personal Trainer

Louise McKee

Specialism: Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Sport and Exercise Science

Luke Weston

Specialism: Junior Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Sports and Exercise & MSc Strength Conditioning & Qualified Personal Trainer

Lydia Johnson

Specialism: Senior Physiologist
Qualifications: MSc Sport Science and Exercise Physiology

Melinda Noufal

Specialism: Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Physiology and Sports Science & Gym Instructor

Raj Kundhi

Specialism: Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Nutrition, Food and Health & Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr)

Rhys Clark

Specialism: Physiologist & Mental Health First Aid Instructor
Qualifications: MSc Exercise Physiology, Diploma in Sport and Exercise Nutrition & Personal Trainer

Rosie Irving

Specialism: Junior Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Sport and Exercise Science & MSc Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Sarah Kemp

Specialism: Health and Wellbeing Programme Manager
Qualifications: BSc Sport Science and Personal Training & MSc Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health Promotion & Qualified PT & Exercise Referral Specialist & Level 1-3 Cheerleading Coach

Stephanie Golding

Specialism: Senior Physiologist & Mental Health First Aid Trainer
Qualifications: BSc Sport and Exercise Science & Cycling Coach

Tom Browne

Specialism: Programme Lead Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Exercise and Sport Science & MSc Sport and Health Science

Thomas Rothwell

Specialism: Programme Lead Physiologist
Qualifications: BSc Sport and Exercise Science & Msc Sport and Exercise Physiologist & Diploma in Sport and Exercise Nutrition