Mrs. Kettle

Kidney stone blockage

How soon if I have a stuck kidney stone could I been seen and treated? We are members of AXA Healthcare.

20 July 2015

Thank you for contacting us, if you have a kidney stone that is causing a blockage in your urinary system this would normally need urgent attention via your local A/E department. Symptoms presenting with this can be reduced urine output, passing blood and severe pelvic pain which is often spasmodic. For treatment of a kidney stone that is not blocking the urinary system, and hence not as urgent, if you wish to be seen privately using your policy (provided your GP has made a referral for you) this can usually be arranged relatively quickly. Once the GP has confirmed the referral is necessary with you and it sounds as though it is, you can call your personal advisory team here at AXA- PPP and request a fast track referral. Depending on consultant availability you should normally expect to be seeing someone within a week to ten days if not sooner.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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