Aidan Mullinder

I was told that I have a hiatus hernia?

I have been suffering from acid reflux for a long time. I was put on Lansoprazole p.p.i. medication (which stopped the acid reflux at daytime) and then referred for an endoscopy. I was told that I have a hiatus hernia.

16 September 2012

There are three different types of treatment options for a hiatus hernia that is causing symptoms such as acid reflux. First, are changes to your lifestyle. Losing weight, stopping smoking and cutting down alcohol consumption really can help the symptoms. Avoiding eating just before bed time, elevating the end of the bed and avoiding tight clothing around the waist, may also help. Second, are the various antacid medications such as Lansoprazole. You could try a different one, or increase the dose, if the symptoms are not well controlled on what you are currently taking. These medications would need to be taken daily and long-term to work. The third treatment option is surgery. It is reserved for people with severe symptoms that are still not controlled after all of the above.

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