I have excruciating pain in my ear

I have excruciating pains in my right ear which has lasted a year now. I have been to ENT doctor and also my GP. I have been given antibiotics, painkillers and otomizer ear spray because the eardrum was perforated due to infection they said but it just keeps getting worse. During my last visit to the doctor, I was told to use olive oil to take out the wax as it was obstructing them from seeing anything. The pain just won't stop, what could be the cause please?

4 November 2013

It sounds like you have had an infection of the ear that has been severe enough to lead to a perforated or burst eardrum. This is certainly enough to cause ear pain. Sometimes infections can linger in the ear and be difficult to treat (especially if the patient has diabetes which can delay healing).  

If you have diabetes (or think you may be at risk of diabetes) then that needs to be addressed too. Your doctor will be keen to get on top of the infection and find out why it is not healing up properly. Wax does need to be cleared first, so the doctor can see the drum and do a swab if infection is found. Your doctor will need to ask for help from the ENT doctor (ear specialist) again if the pain and infection do not resolve.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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