Perforated eardrum query with AXA PPP healthcare

I have had a perforated eardrum since I was 17 years old. I consulted with ENT doctor and she told me that I have marginal perforation which was caused by a cotton swab when I used to start cleaning my ear it went too far and strike with my eardrum. She gave me medicine and waited for a year to see as if hole closes by itself but nothing worked then she decided to go for myringoplasty and even after one year of myringoplasty my eardrum is not totally sealed and still has little tinnitus, I have to use an ear plug during swimming. I want to know if my eardrum will ever become normal again and how many years will it take to heal completely. Is hearing loss permanent or temporary?

20 May 2013

I am afraid to hear that the operation was not successful for you. The statistics show that nine times out of ten, a myringoplasty operation will work well and close the hole in the eardrum. Unfortunately it seems you were the unlucky one. Success can depend on the size of the hole and if there is any scar tissue on the drum.  Presumably the ENT doctor felt an operation was needed because the hole had not healed on its own after one year. I can only assume that will still be the case and therefore unlikely to heal on its own. You would need to ask your ENT doctor again if there is any other operations suitable for you and what the risks are to your hearing.

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