High ferritin levels

I understand what it means to have low ferritin but is high ferritin a problem or normal? When my result came in my GP kept asking if I took Iron tablets (I don't) and I didn't know why. I have since seen the result of the ferritin test and wondered if it was anything to worry about or not (GP did not suggest anything needed looking into). Should I go back to my GP or is it fine to be high?

30 May 2016

High ferritin levels can be caused by use of iron supplement when your body does not need this, so your GP will automatically as about this. Elevated levels are usually related to an inherited disorder where the body absorbs too much iron from food and ferritin levels build up slowly, usually over many years.

This can cause problems with your liver and heart over time. If your ferritin levels were very elevated your GP would have sent you for further testing immediately. If only slightly elevated then your GP should retest your ferritin levels within the next few months. So we would suggest further discussion with your GP to discuss a further blood test.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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