If BP is under control is it okay to use the jacuzzi?

I take BP pills etc for high BP & irregular heart beats (not fibrilation). At the Health Club they advise not to use the Jacuzzi if you suffer from high BP. If BP is under control is it okay to use the Jacuzzi and steam room?

10 September 2011

Considering how widespread this advice is, there’s remarkably little evidence on the effect of hot tubs and Jacuzzi’s on your blood pressure. Being in a Jacuzzi does seem to lower your blood pressure temporarily (the effect has gone by about 10 minutes after getting out). However, it doesn’t have any greater effect on your blood pressure if it is high.

As long as your high blood pressure is controlled (below 140/90 millimetres of mercury, or mmHg) you should be able to use a Jacuzzi safely. Having said that, it’s important to make sure the temperature isn’t above the normal 40 degrees C, and you should probably limit your Jacuzzis sessions to 10 minutes.

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