How can I lower my mcv blood count?

My mcv blood count has been above 105 for 3 years now, I do blood tests every 6 months but all my other blood samples are normal, ie thyroid, b12 etc. I went to the haematology department at guys, and they told me not to worry! I was told I have a lazy bone marrow.

Should I be worried, are there any other tests I should do, and is there anything I can do to help lower it?

10 April 2014

You have had a slightly raised mcv for a few years now which is stable (not worsening) and has not been found to be due to anything serious. I do not think you should have any cause for concern.

You have already been seen by the appropriate specialist (Haematology) in one of the best hospitals in the UK. They have checked your test results thoroughly and, luckily, they have been able to reassure you that there is no reason to worry.

There is nothing you can do to lower it. I would try and forget about it now. You can continue to see your GP and be checked regularly for further reassurance.

Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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