Can I self-pay for a heart health check

I am approaching 52 and would like to have a thorough examination of my heart. This is purely for precautionary reasons (my family has a history of heart attacks) and I would be prepared to pay the cost.

16 January 2017

Some Private Health Insurance Policies have cover for health checks so if you have a policy we would suggest talking to your claims team during office hours to see if you have access to this. If you prefer to self- pay there are a few private hospitals who offer health check services, these vary in duration of appointment, depth of testing and cost. BMI, Nuffield Health and Bupa all offer these services, they offer varying packages and varying levels of testing. We would suggest you look for a package that focuses on cardiac testing due to your stated family history, primarily ECG and exercise stress testing. Hopefully this will help you,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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