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Syed asked...

Heart bypass and weakness

I had a heart bypass (triple graft) some sixteen years ago. I have been generally feeling alright except for the occasional Unjina pain. Recently I have had pneumonia from where I have fully recovered. I have been having attacks of severe weakness, my GP can not understand it and says I will have to bear it. However, I am getting weaker and weaker and the frequency of Unjina has increased and i am concerned about my heart, particularly as I learn that grafts have a maximum of fifteen years. Please kindly advise on the action I need to take.

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The answer

Angina can develop after heart bypass surgery, soon after or many years after the surgery. This is quite variable from person to person, some grafts will last a few years before occlusion occurs, some many, up to twenty plus years. So the Angina may be related to the coronary vessels that were grafted sixteen years ago, or maybe other coronary blood vessels supplying blood to the heart. As you are having increased episodes of Angina you do need referral back to your cardiologist and may need further angiography to assess the coronary arteries and the grafts for narrowing. They may be able to use stents to open any narrowing or angioplasty where they expand the narrowed vessel.

We would suggest you talk to your GP as soon as possible regarding seeing your cardiologist again. Weakness following an episode pneumonia is very common and can persist for several month after the infection has resolved and can be quite debilitating. We would suggest talking to your GP regarding this again to rule out anaemia or any other issues, but the priority is seeing your cardiologist regarding the recurring episodes of angina. Hopefully this will help you.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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