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What type of shopper are you?

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What type of shopper are youCould your shopping habits do with an MOT? If you find shopping for bargains stressful, here are some tips that could put the fun back into a trip to the sales.

In theory, shopping for bargains and saving money should be fun, but all too often it becomes stressful. Long queues, impulse buys and crowded shops play a part but your shopping technique could also create added stress.

Here are four main ‘shopper’ personality types, who each tackle shopping and sales in their own unique way. By recognising your type and the tips, you could reduce stress and enjoy shopping more.

Many of the traits also play a part in other areas of life too, so there are tips on how to use the knowledge beyond shopping.

Shopper type 1 – The Hunter

Hunters are focused and serious about shopping, they sniff out bargains and stalk them to get the best markdowns. Adrenalin flows and they shop until they drop.
Once they’ve nabbed a bargain, interest fades. They may pack away purchases unopened or take them back for a refund, as they realise they don’t want them after all.
Tips for the Hunter

  • Be objective and look at your goals before you get stuck in. Is it really what you want to buy?
  • Write down purchase ideas and do the maths before the adrenalin kicks in.
  • Delays and setbacks can trigger shopping stress. Try focusing on hunting for reductions on things you’d normally pay full price for.

Beyond shopping
Hunters are focused and high-achievers. They may be ruthless, even taking risks with relationships. The end justifies the means’ view of life can be risky.

Shopper type 2 – The Team Player

Friendly and fun loving, shopping is a social ritual for the Team Player and may be used for strengthening bonds, group shopping may involve meals or drinks, in-between shopping.

Whilst it’s great to share a passion for shopping with others, they may egg you on to buy more than you need. The biggest stress trigger can be getting your purchases back home and justifying them to yourself and your family, without the team to back you up.

Tips for the Team Player

  • Visit shops on your own, to check bargains in advance. A clear-headed look may reduce impulsive shopping when you’re with your mates.
  • Do your sums first, so you don’t blow your budget.
  •  If team shopping involves stopping for drinks, stick to coffee or soft drinks. Alcohol makes you less inhibited and less likely to think before you buy.

Beyond shopping
Team Player tendencies extend to work and home life, where relationships are placed high above achievements. Trust is an important value for team players, and they suffer most when there are fallouts or arguments. 

Shopper type 3 – The Strategy Planner

Thorough and thoughtful, the Strategy Planner loves lists and schedules, and plans their sales shopping with forensic detail. Strategy Planners may prefer to shop online, so they can calmly compare prices.

Shopping stress occurs for Strategy Planners when changes happen for no logical reason.

Tips for strategy planners

  • Be more tolerant to people who act first and think later, as their behaviour can irritate you and raise your stress levels. Their approach is different, not wrong.
  • Instead of feeling stressed when plans go wrong, realise that failure can be a step on the road to bigger success.
  • Know when to quit – sometimes it’s wise to call it a day.

Beyond shopping
Strategy Planners are hard workers who do jobs thoroughly and carefully. Stress can occur if they are asked to rush a job. 

Shopper type 4 – The Status Builder

Status Builders want to have the best and be the best, they head straight for designer labels, buying items based on original worth, rather than personal taste. They’re happy to queue all night if it means being first in to nab something they’d never normally afford.

The Status Builder uses designer goods to boost their low self-esteem and bolster themselves up in the eyes of their peers.

Tips for Status Builders

  • Accept that people will like you for being you, rather than for all your designer trophies.
  • Learn to like yourself when you’re not wearing designer labels.
  • Instead of buying top labels, try copying the fashionistas by buying and customising cheap clothing.

Beyond shopping
Status Builders are naturally competitive but can be hard on themselves. They lack the ability to delegate or ask for help, so run the risk of taking on too much, which may result in stress. 

How to shop responsibly

Whichever type of shopper you are, it’s important to shop responsibly and not get tempted to spend more than you can afford. Set yourself spending limits, pay off credit card balances and, remember, it’s only a bargain if it’s something you really need. 

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