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Crack the good eating habit

Publish date: 24/07/2015

41 percentTime pressures and access to quick food on-the-go has resulted in many of us neglecting our body's nutritional needs. It can be easy to slip into bad habits when you're living hectic and busy lives, meaning you might not be getting the right nutrition. If this sounds like you, then don't despair, there are small and easy ways in which you can help yourself.

  1. Track your diet

Keep a food diary so you can always track what you're eating wherever you are. 'Take some time to look carefully through it and see if you can identify any bad habits and the reasons behind them,' advises Dr Sarah Schenker, nutritionist and dietician. Free apps such as Activ8rlives Health and Food Diary, MyFitnessPal and fooducate are also available and can help you to keep on top of your diet electronically.

  1. Remove unhealthy food

'As wasteful as it sounds, the best way to avoid giving in to temptation is to remove it,' says Dr Schenker; 'if you can't bear the thought of throwing away good food, you could donate chocolates to local community institutions or hold a charity coffee morning to eat up leftover biscuits or cake.' 

  1. Think portion size and balance at every meal

It's not advisable to cut out whole food groups, says Sarah. But it is good to check your portion sizes - aim for about one third of your plate or bowl made up of carbs. Also think about balancing each meal by adding some low-fat protein and fruit and vegetables.

  1. Cook from scratch

Cooking from scratch can be a great habit to get in to, as you know what's going in your food. Aim to cook a recipe or ingredient that you've never tried before. There are lots of healthy recipes on our website to get you started.

For more information on how you can improve your eating habits and diet, visit our Diet & Nutrition hub for delicious recipes, additional articles and app reviews.

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