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      Looking for tips on how to boost your fitness? Look no further than our fitness and exercise centre, designed with your health in mind.

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      Here you will discover hints and tips on maintaining a healthy diet. Stuck for food ideas? Then check out our nutritious recipes...

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      Our quit smoking centre offers you practical information and advice on how to quit smoking and remain on the right track.

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Top cancer fighting foods

Find out which foods may help reduce the risk of certain cancers.

I tripped and fell heavily on my wrist

When one falls the initial reaction is to stretch our arms and hands to try and stop the fall

lump on the right side of my throat.

There are too many things that can cause lumps on the throat...

I was diagnosed with AF

While the most common symptoms of AF are heart palpitations...

White spots on the side of my tongue

The most common white spots found in the mouth are mouth ulcers...

I have trouble dealing with Lactose

Such a condition has common symptoms of stomach bloating, cramping, rumbling and pain

Pain in my left breast

it is likely that you are worried this pain could be breast cancer...

I injured my knee playing football

You say that you have already obtained opinions...

I have been reading a lot about Turmeric...

Turmeric is a dried rhizome of Curcuma longa (C. domestica) also known as Zingiberaceae...