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5 ways to boost the health benefits of walking

A great stress reliever which boosts your health and fitness too.

Everyday exercise

The benefits of everyday activities from AXA PPP healthcare.

Get out and about to boost your circulation

Are you concerned about your cardiovascular health?

7 signs of dehydration – Know your risk

Dehydration can result from simply not drinking enough water, sweating...

Six steps to a healthier Christmas

Christmas has its fair share of activities that can wear out even the healthiest person...

#TRYit - #Walk30 results

We asked people to volunteer to walk for 30 minutes a day, five times a week...

Walk30 - Walk to a healthier heart FAQ #TRYit

We are asking everyone to take part in 30 minutes of brisk walking...

The benefits of gardening

Regular exercise has a host of benefits

How to measure your resting heart rate

How to measure your resting heart rate. For best results do this...