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Get out and about to boost your circulation

Are you concerned about your cardiovascular health?

7 signs of dehydration – Know your risk

Dehydration can result from simply not drinking enough water, sweating...

Six steps to a healthier Christmas

Christmas has its fair share of activities that can wear out even the healthiest person...

#TRYit - #Walk30 results

We asked people to volunteer to walk for 30 minutes a day, five times a week...

Walk30 - Walk to a healthier heart FAQ #TRYit

We are asking everyone to take part in 30 minutes of brisk walking...

The benefits of gardening

Regular exercise has a host of benefits

How to measure your resting heart rate

How to measure your resting heart rate. For best results do this...

Alternatives to brisk walking #TRYit

Our #Walk30 TRYit challenge is all about brisk walking to help build a stronger heart...

Cupris Health eye’s Ophthalmoscope

Category winner at the 2015 AXA PPP Health Tech & You awards