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Mark asked...

I have been having pain in my right hip for a few years now...

As I get a little old, obviously our joints become a little less flexible. I have been having pain in my right hip for a few years now after I walk for some distance. This pain free distance is becoming shorter as time progresses I can now manage about a mile with no pain. About 2years ago I had my hip X-rayed - conclusion usual ware & tear for a 55 year old. I was advised to take pain killers (Ibrufen) if walking long distance to help with the pain. This has worked well. My question is at what stage to I need further advice. i.e when I can no longer walk pain free? Thank you.

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The answer

It is normal to experience stiffness of joints as we get older, especially if you are athletic or have been sporty in the past. This is normal wear and tear and may progress over time causing worsening joint stiffness and pain. If you are noticing pain with walking short distances or at rest, or have noticed persistent joint problems on a regular basis affecting how you manage your daily activities then you will need to see your GP for referral to a specialist. This will be an orthopaedic surgeon, who may need to do further x rays and likely and MRI scan of your hip to assess changes to your hip joint and if you may need hip replacement surgery. Hopefully this will help you,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses