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Geoff asked...

My wife has recently had an MRI and X ray and I wanted a better understanding...

My wife has recently had an MRI and X ray and I wanted to better understand the meaning of "a slight cortical Infraction towards the back of the femoral condyle" This sounds more serious than - "The MRI also showed a "bone oedema in the medial femoral condyle .. this is normally transient but can take several months to completely resolve"

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The answer

The femoral condyle is the bone prominence at the lower end of the thigh bone, you have two, medial and lateral and they connect with the lower bones of the leg to form your knee joint. The word infarction indicates and problem with blood supply, to a suggested small area of that bone. This can be from injury or age related changes. Oedema simply means swelling, which is common after injury or damage to the bone or the knee. If this was a serious issue you would have been referred directly to an orthopaedic specialist to assess this. Your consultant who requested the scan will be able to discuss this further with you and plan what treatment or monitoring plan they have in place for this. Hopefully this will help you,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses