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I have had a bilateral oophorectomy to try and resolve tummy pain.

I have had a bilateral oophorectomy to try and resolve tummy pain. This was last Feb and the pain has continued. I'm not on HRT as it worsened the symptoms and steroid injections into my spine have not helped. Where should I turn to next?

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You have not mentioned if this tummy pain that is persisting is the same as the tummy pain you had before surgery or the reason your ovaries were removed. The increase in pain with HRT use is suggestive of endometriosis but this would have been noted during the surgery and would have stopped once your hormone levels reduced. If you have not had a CT or MRI scan to re assess the abdomen for the cause of this persistent tummy pain I would suggest talking to your doctor about doing this to look at other possible causes of this persistent pain. This may be gastric, bowel, kidney or bladder and locating the cause of the pain will dictate treatment and also if you need to be seen by a different specialist. We would also suggest referral to the Pain Team to help better manage your pain level. Hopefully this will help you,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses