I have a very annoying verruca on the bottom of my big toe

Hello, I have a very annoying verruca on the bottom of my big toe. I have tried treating it with the methods suggested on your help page (salicylic acid, duct tape and home cryo kits) but I have been unable to remove it after a number of months. Duct tape and salicylic acid have both allowed me to take the surrounding tissues down to blood vessel deep but even with sustained treatment at this low point I have still found it impossible to get rid of the root. I feel it may have grown backwards into the skin to the point that conventional treatment is no longer effective. It is sometimes extremely painful to put pressure on the affected spot and due to this, I have been unable to carry out any strenuous exercise without causing significant pain. While using salicylic acid I have also been embarrassed to show my feet due to the very obvious duct tape/plaster covering. I would like to start running again and would greatly appreciate if you could let me know the next steps to take. Regards

3 January 2017

Some verruca’s can be stubborn, and effectiveness of over the counter products can be variable. If you have followed the instructions for topical treatments and gently filed down the wart with an emery board or pumice stone weekly and no improvement then you may need to see your doctor for referral for cryotherapy to remove the verruca. This usually involves freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen, and will be done in a hospital setting. This may need to be done several times and can lead to blistering, infection and scarring. Hopefully this will help you,


Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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