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Shadi asked...

My 7 month daughter has fever of 38.7 and she looks pale and sleepy ? Can you please advise me what to do ?

My 7 month daughter has fever of 38.7 and she looks pale and sleepy ? Can you please advise me what to do ?

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The answer

Thank you for writing in to Ask the Expert.

Initial treatment we would suggest that you implement whilst your daughter has this fever are:

  • Encourage the drinking of fluids as much as possible, be it via bottle or breast. Encouraging fluids will help reduce the likelihood of your daughter becoming dehydrated.
  • Offer food if your infant is wanting to eat.
  • Administer regular Paracetamol and Ibuprofen according to manufacturer instructions as this will help reduce the fever. These medications ideally should be given alternatively as opposed to together. If your child is known to have asthma then Ibuprofen should be avoided.
  • Reduce the amount of clothing your child is wearing as this will allow the body to reduce its heat more readily.
  • Allow your infant to rest as this will enable the body to recuperate more effectively.

Young infants need to be observed carefully when they are unwell and medical assistance sought if there condition is deteriorating or the temperature is not responding to medication given.

You need to seek immediate medical assistance if:

  • Your daughters’ temperature exceeds 39 degrees Celsius and does not lower with Paracetamol.
  • Becomes very floppy, pale and lethargic and does not respond to touch.
  • If your baby has convulsions(febrile)
  • If your baby develops a dark red/purple rash that does not fade when pressed on with a glass.
  • Your baby becomes increasingly agitated, crying excessively and does not calm down when cuddled/held.
  • Your daughter shows signs of dehydration and is not drinking. Signs of dehydration would include a dry mouth and a reduced amount of wet nappies.
  • If your daughter continues to have raised temperatures and remains unwell for more than 5 days.

We would recommend seeing your GP if your daughter remains unwell. However if this occurs when the GP is closed for business then I would suggest you call the NHS 111 service as they will be able to advise you on appropriate care and refer you to an On Call GP or A&E as necessary.

We hope this information helps.

Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses