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Colm asked...

Suspected appendicitis

I went to A&E last night and after my GP consultation I was immediately rushed through with suspected appendicitis. Whilst waiting on the emergency ward the pain reached it's worst point the dissipated. The doctors advised that I was no longer feeling pain and that I could go home - rather than waiting for another 3 hours for blood tests and an x-ray. So today I feel fine but I guess I am unsure of what to do now - do I need to visit my GP (even though I'm no longer in pain)? If it wasn't appendicitis then what was the pain? Might it return? A few questions - would appreciate some advice please.

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The answer

We really would suggest you do follow up with your GP for examination and possible further testing as there can be numerous causes of abdominal pain, and as no diagnosis given, there is no way to know if the pain will return. Your GP may want to consider x ray of the abdomen or ultrasound of the area where the pain was focused.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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