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Supplements to overcome aching joints?

I am 62 working and active, living in Dubai, UAE. General health is good, minor hypertension under control by medication. For the last four months have been suffering from aching joints in the knees. Should I be taking an supplements to overcome this. My diet is well balanced with a mediteranian style of eating / cooking, I rarely eat out and very rarely eat any form of Take Away. What do you suggest?

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The answer

As the aching has gone on for more than three months it would be worth seeing a doctor for an examination. The most common cause in your age group would be osteoarthritis, which can be detected on an X-ray. There is no cure for osteoarthritis but exercises/physiotherapy can really help the pain by keeping the muscles strong around the joints. Lose weight if you are overweight to take pressure off the knees.

As long as you are eating a healthy diet there is no need to take extra supplements. Some people find glucosamine helpful but there is very little evidence to support it (and as a result it is currently not available from the NHS).

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