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Vince asked...

I have been experiencing stomach cramps.

Tags: Digestion

I have periodically been experiencing severe abdominal stomach cramps that are coupled with heavy sweating while the cramps are at its most severe. The cramps start with a dull ache then steadily get worse over a short period of time until such time as the pain is unbearable. After this stage the pain starts to subside and is more manageable. Can you advise any help please?

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The answer

There are a few different possibilities that could be causing the pain. Severe pain that comes in waves (like you are describing) is often called colic. In adults, colicky type pain can start when a stone is stuck inside a tube e.g. gallstones or renal stones. Diarrhoea and other bowel conditions can also cause stomach cramps (as can some pelvic conditions in women).

You have not described the exact location of the pain in the stomach and what is triggering the pain off. I am unable to say what may be the cause in your case and as a result I would suggest you see your doctor. You need to explain your situation in more detail and be examined. You may also need some tests (such as urine and blood tests) to help diagnose the exact cause of the pain and then get the appropriate treatment.
Answered by Dr Emmajane Down.


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