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Steven asked...

Sore eye the past 6 months...

Hi, My partner has been suffering from a sore eye the past 6 months. She has visited her NHS GP, and an eye clinic who believed she was suffering from dry eyes rather than something more serious, and gave her drops to attend to this. This was 3 months ago, and her condition has not improved and she is worried it is something more serious. She previously used contact lenses, however switched back to wearing spectacles as the contacts seemed to increase the pain/irritation. Do you know what this could relate to? Thanks Steven

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The answer

Dry eyes can be caused by several things, age is one cause, also contact lenses do increase your risk, medications such as antihistamines and oral contraceptives can cause dry eyes,  any eye surgery, accident or infection that causes scarring of the cornea, and any infection or inflammation affecting the glands around eye can all cause dry eyes.

Dry eyes can affect one or both eyes.

As you have mentioned one eye is affected and further attempts to use her contact lenses increase her pain/irritation this is suggestive of an issue or scarring of the cornea.

If this was not identified at the eye clinic and discomfort persists I do suggest a follow up with an ophthalmologist to reassess this problem.  Hopefully this will help you,


Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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