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Tom asked...

Small red spot on my penis.

A few weeks ago I noticed a small red spot on the head of my penis. Flat, painless, not itchy, no other symptoms. It had gone by the next day. A week later two more appeared, one of which has remained for a week and a half.

I am sexually active but use condoms. I had an STD test for Chlamydia, Gonnorhea and HIV (3 and a half weeks after my last sexual encounter) which all came back negative. No other symptoms other than an occasional itchy groin/pubic region a few weeks ago which seems to have gone now.

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The answer

The type of spots you describe could be due to several different causes, the fact that the spots are not itching and are flat and painless may indicate something known as Fordyce spots. These are completely benign and can appear in ones or twos’ sometimes far more. The cause is not known and they usually disappear over time, there is no specific treatment for the condition as such. Equally some of the blood vessels around the glans of the penis can dilate and cause a similar appearance and also fade in time.

However, without an examination it isn’t possible to speculate or to be more precise, as you have already been seen and tested, and well done for being so proactive, it does suggest there was nothing of concern to be found. If you remain worried about these areas or they do not seem to be fading then a trip to your GP for a quick examination should be able to provide the diagnosis you seek.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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