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Thomas asked...

I have a chipped baby upper molar...

I have a chipped baby upper molar. I am getting it removed soon. The tooth is flat because I wobbled it too hard and both of the sides are gone. Will the dentist be able to remove this? I am in no pain

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The answer

Although some tooth structure has broken away from your baby tooth, it should still be possible for your dentist to remove this tooth. Your dentist will inform you if they felt they were unable to remove the tooth for any reason.

When removing a tooth, ideally the more tooth structure above the gum line the better, as there is more surface to hold on to upon the removal of the tooth. However, there are many ways to remove a tooth with or without tooth structure above the gum so do not let this concern you.

There is no pain also which is certainly a plus.

Your dentist will certainly advise you on the best way forward for your tooth (whether they are able to remove the tooth or not) but most tooth extractions are carried out by a dentist with little complications.

We wish you well with your treatment.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses