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Peter asked...

Recently hurt my arm lifting some heavy objects.

Tags: injury

Recently hurt my arm lifting some heavy objects - I self diagnosed online - as you do - as a slap tear

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The answer

A 'SLAP' lesion is a tear in the tough protective cartilage lining of the shoulder joint but this is a much less common injury than damage to the rotator cuff tendons of the shoulder.

A tennis elbow is the result of strain of the forearm muscle tendons or ligaments on the outer aspect of the elbow and may have occurred because you are having to use your forearm and wrist more than usual to compensate for the loss of shoulder function.  A cortisone injection with a subsequent period of relative rest for a few weeks can be helpful in the treatment of tennis elbow.  In the first instance I would advise you see your doctor or physiotherapist to determine the exact nature of these two problems.  It is likely that you will need a course of physiotherapy treatment and a rehabilitation exercise programme to obtain the best long term resolution of these injuries.

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