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Rosa asked...

I read the psychopath checklist and I scored 33 out of 40...

I am confused. I read the psychopath checklist and I scored 33 out of 40. I felt this was rather accurate. I lie to everyone, I manipulate and use people, I do not care about anyone else and I don't feel any remorse. I steal and break the law and I don't care. But I'm also really popular and everyone likes me because I find it easy to charm them (even though I don't like them). People also like me because they think I'm "nuts", always up for a laugh no matter how dangerous and spontaneous it is. These all indicate a psychopathic personality. However, I feel emotions. I feel them to a diminished extent, much less than others but they're still there. I manipulate people into liking me because I find them fun to be around - they're funny and do things I like. But surely this contradicts my psychopathic traits? I definitely don't feel empathy for people - but I do for my plants and my dog. How does this work?

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The answer

Thank you for getting in contact with us. If you are at all concerned about your mental health we would advise that you visit your GP to discuss things through and if you need any treatment your GP will be able to point you in the right direction.

We can see that you have said you read the psychopath checklist. If this diagnosis has not being made by a specialist then we would advise that this sort of diagnosis needs to be made by a professional who has specific training and who will then be able to advise on help available. Having psychopathic traits can be an indication for other conditions too. If you have already seen a professional with regards to this we would encourage you to speak to them for any advise or reassurance that you may need.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses