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Linda asked...

I have been put on a polymeric diet.

Tags: Diet , Nutrition

I have just been put on a polymeric diet for six weeks. I would like to know if I can drink fruit teas instead of just water

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The answer

As a rule when people are advised to follow a polymeric diet (a nutritionally complete liquid diet which can be easily digested) it is important that they exclusively follow this prescribed diet. Plain water is permitted if additional liquid/fluid is needed to stay properly hydrated. However, as this totally liquid diet can be challenging to follow (it is typically recommended for 6-8 weeks, to help manage conditions such as Crohn’s disease for example), some hospital teams may allow other fluids such as weak tea or coffee (no milk) to help make it more palatable.

The most important thing is to check with the specialist team who prescribed the polymeric diet for you, as local policy about additional permitted fluids varies. Also let them know if you are struggling to follow it at any time. They can support you in staying on the polymeric diet for the recommended time so that it can be as effective as possible.

Answered by Lyndel Costain.


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