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Artur asked...

I've got a headache quite a long time. It started on 24th of December last year...

Hello. I've got a headache quite a long time. It started on 24th of December last year. I've been to my GP and I've been told that it is muscular pain and soon it will be gone. It still remains there for three months now. I have to take double ibuprofen 4 times a day to be able to work and continue my life. It is a pain at right side of my head - temple area and ear. I feel a pressure from inside that affects my right eye as well. Sometimes it is like a spike from the top of my head to the shoulder. The eye has been checked at GP. I've been told that it is nothing sinister. The pain remains with me since then and ibuprofen helps me to survive throughout the day. I don't really now what to start with to solve the problem. I think that another visit at GP would be waste of time. My membership number is 5539692E and group number is 89359. Kind Regards.

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The answer

Headaches affecting one side of the head can be a migraine headache but these rarely persist for so long. Your doctor may need to assess you for a sinus infection as this can cause headache on one side of the head as well as the sensation of pressure behind the eye area, as your GP has checked your eye and nothing serious was noted, this is a possible cause. They may also need to rule out a chronic ear infection, as this can also cause persistent ache on one side of the head. If these are ruled out we would suggest talking to your GP about getting stronger pain medication and discuss referral to a Neurologist who specialises in headaches to assess you. We would suggest talking to your claims team regarding your cover and to discuss the referral process to use your policy. They can be contacted on 0800 454 080 Mon – Fri 08:00 to 20:00 and Saturday’s 09:00 to 17:00. Hopefully this will help you,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses