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Jenna asked...

Pelvic abscess

Hi, I had a pelvic abscess caused by a leaked appendix last year. I fully recovered after an appendectomy and removal of abscess, however I am experiencing the same symptoms I had with the abscess last year, can a pelvic abscess return?

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The answer

A pelvic abscess is fairly uncommon but it usually occurs as a result of an infection of the bowel or the genital- urinary systems.

A pelvic abscess is more common where there is a history of digestive problems, immune deficiencies, diabetes and pregnancy. However it is possible for them to appear spontaneously for no apparent reason.

Symptoms of an abscess often include pain, fever, nausea, vomiting and tenderness to the pelvic area and possible bleeding or bowel obstruction.

If these symptoms are present it would be advisable to seek immediate medical assistance for investigations as to determine the cause.

Tests that can be done to try to establish the cause of presenting symptoms include blood tests and diagnostic tests such as scans.

If an abscess is noted to be present, then treatment usually involves the administration of antibiotic therapy and the drainage or removal of the abscess.

Further treatment and investigations may be required if other factors are felt to be contributing to the cause of the abscess.

Once the abscess is treated then recovery is usually swift and risks of further abscesses are eliminated. We would strongly recommend that you seek a medical opinion as soon as possible so that the cause of your discomfort can be sourced.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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