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Pain when rising from a chair and walking

Despite following the exercise routines recommended 3 months after total left hip replacement I am having pain when rising from a chair and walking. The pain is only with movement. Mobility of the hip feels quite good and the X-ray shows no problem. I had hip replacement on my right hip two years ago and did not have this problem and recovered well doing the same sort of exercise routines. Is there something else I can do to improve the situation.

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As you age recovery from surgery can take longer, this is not unusual. With hip replacement it can take up to a year to fully recover from the procedure, so you may need to give yourself more time to recover. As X-ray is normal and hip mobility is good this suggests no structural issue with the prosthesis. Pain and stiffness when rising from a chair is not uncommon in the recovery stages especially if you have been sitting for a while. Soft tissue irritation from the surgery can be another cause of pain at this stage, and you may want to consider talking to your GP about taking a non- steroidal anti -inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen for a few weeks if you can tolerate this medication. There are side effects with all medications so we would suggest talking to your doctor about this first.

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