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Kelly asked...

Uncomfortable pressure/pain in my ovary.

I'm experiencing an uncomfortable pressure/pain sensation in my right ovary. The pain has been there for a while on and off but the pressure feeling has been constant for 2 weeks since having a gland check by my doctor.

I had a non symptomatic UTI which was treated with antibiotics and has cleared up and my subsequent blood tests for liver, kidney and thyroid function came back clear. I've been feeling generally run down and tired for at least 3 months now. The pain in my ovary happened during sex quite some time ago and I put it down to a one off, although it had happened a few times since and most recently felt more like the pressure i'm constantly experiencing. I'm getting more and more worried about this but can't book an appointment with any doctor at my local surgery and don't know if I should go to A&E...

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The answer

Thank you for contacting us; clearly you’ve been having a difficult time and it’s understandable that you feel worried. There are several possibilities which may be causing the pain and pressure sensation you have been experiencing in your ovary all of which are usually very treatable and quite benign.

One of the possibilities for the symptoms you are experiencing may well be an ovarian cyst; these are very common and can be under diagnosed until symptoms present. It is also often found that ovarian cysts can lead to urinary symptoms and infections such as you had and may or may not be linked to the symptoms you are experiencing. Equally, urine infections can give rise to similar discomfort but I note you recently had the infection treated and it has been cleared.

Under the circumstances in your case it may be very worthwhile to undergo an ultrasound scan of your pelvis; this is quite painless and will show the condition of your ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus very clearly. It is an easy, quick and efficient test to perform. As you are having difficulty obtaining an appointment at your doctors’ surgery you may like to request a telephone consultation with your GP instead; this can usually be performed on the same day. You will be able to discuss your concerns in detail and it may be prudent to ask if they could take a look at this sensation in terms of a Gynaecological examination and scan as outlined above.

Cysts can be fluid filled and disappear on their own spontaneously. Some contain tissue, and others can be endometrioid in nature where the lining of the uterus has seeded outside of itself; the ovary is a common site of such seedlings. The symptoms of tiredness and being run down are also commonly seen in gynaecological disturbance such as ovarian cysts and may well explain your symptoms, therefore a good chat with your GP does seem in order. If in the meantime your pain becomes more severe and/or you experience nausea or very extreme discomfort in that side, a visit to A/E may be wise under such conditions. I do hope this information has been helpful; meanwhile, if you require any further help or support please do not hesitate to contact us here at Health at Hand on 0800 003 004 where we are available 24 hours a day.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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