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My right tonsil is inflamed

My right tonsil has been inflamed since early November. I had a check up and the doctor said it will go away and its some infection that my body is fighting of. She gave me soludol and advice that I lay off smoking for a while. I smoke less now to 0, but its still inflamed. Should I be really concerned and check a specialist or since I didnt give up smoking its still inflamed, or is it normal for it to be this inflamed since November. It does not hurt but its sort of annoying and concerning.

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The answer

Tonsils can become enlarged during an infection, such as tonsillitis or glandular fever. Sometimes they can remain enlarged due to chronic infection or tonsil hypertrophy. It is usually nothing to worry about as long as you do not have any symptoms related to the enlargement. Symptoms including discomfort, breathing difficulties or snoring are reasons to consider having the tonsil removed by surgery. If the tonsil tissue looks healthy then it can be left alone. Rarely enlargement can be due to cancer, which is more common in smokers and people over the age of 40. If your doctor is sure it is not cancer then the tonsil can be left alone. Take this opportunity to give up smoking for good, and reduce your risk of cancer in the future.

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