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tommy asked...

I feel a lot of pressure in my head it's like someone with an air pump pumping it up...

I feel a lot of pressure in my head it's like someone with an air pump pumping it up and I get a dizziness and shaking I somtimes feel nausia. I fell down 5 steps in my stairway and twisted my left leg ( I had a total knee replacement 3 and a half years ago ) I went to my gp on tuesday about it expecting an examination of some kind but all he siad was I will change your medication

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The answer

Although dizziness is a common symptom, it can be caused by a wide range of things and should be investigated by a doctor. We're glad you made an appointment to see your GP especially due to the other symptoms of headaches and nausea you have described. Your GP will try to establish exactly what’s causing these symptoms, it may be helpful to keep a note of when it started, if you have had repeated episodes and what triggered them and how long the symptoms lasted. If you’re taking prescription medicine, your GP will review this to check whether these symptoms are a possible side effect. If necessary, they may prescribe a different medication for you to try. If your symptoms persist or you still have concerns please contact your GP again for further medical assessment. You may be referred to a specialist for further tests and investigations if appropriate.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses