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Leigh asked...

Lump on my hair line

Hi I woke up this morning with a lump on my hair line behind my ear my head was really sore last night so was up and down through the night , it is quite sore and when I touch it I'm getting dizzy what can this be ?

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The answer

Hello Leigh and thank you for contacting us here at Ask the Expert.

Leigh from what you are describing it may well be that the lump you describe is an infected hair follicle or sebaceous cyst.

A sebaceous cyst is where a cyst develops by a hair follicle. These are often painful on touch and a dark area is visible on the skin surface. Treatment often involves antibiotic creams and removal of the cyst to prevent it returning.

Folliculitis is when there is inflammation of the follicles due to infection or chemical reaction and is quite common on the face and hairline. The area affected is usually red in appearance and pimple like and may include hairs in the centre of the pimple. The skin around the area may also be itchy. Treatment often involves the use of antibiotics and antifungals and maintaining good hygiene whilst taking care when using shampoos and perfumed items.

Leigh at the moment you say there is just one lump present but it may well be worth checking to see if you have any further lumps and sore areas in the same vicinity as this potentially could be an early sign of shingles. Shingles is a similar virus to chicken pox and often presents with sores with a blister. This can be treated with anti-viral medication if diagnosed early in the disease process.

In relation to the dizziness you experience when touching this area this may be due to the pain, infection affecting balance or even due to blood flow to your head being restricted when you press the lump.

We would suggest that you seek an appointment with your GP as soon as possible in order to obtain a diagnosis but to also assess you for possible causes of dizziness.

Wishing you all the very best.


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