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Trish asked...

I have a 'small' neuroma

I have a 'small' neuroma, can it shrink on it's own if i don't irritate it, eg keep the weight off it? And can it be caused by shoes that are too big? running shoes and my feet moving around too much in them, and feet spreading? And you're the first to say you can operate and possibly make the space bigger. How do you assess what's needed? thank you

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The answer

A Neuroma is a benign growth of nerve tissue frequently found between the third and fourth toes, sometimes called a “pinched nerve”. The pain is often described as feeling as though there is a stone in between the toes and the pain it causes is some-times burning or sometimes complete numbness. It does not often affect men but mostly women, partially due to one of the causes being the pressure applied from wearing high heeled shoes, causing the toes to be squeezed together; it also affects flat or high arched feet. The damage caused to the toe joints can cause trauma to the nerves which cause inflammation and swelling to develop.

There are solutions, including assistance from a Podiatrist:

  • Wear shoes with toe room and thick soles that reduce pressure on the feet
  • Avoid high heels where possible (over two inches)
  • Use pressure relief pads and taping at the ball area of the foot will help to relieve both the pressure and the pain
  • Anti-inflammatory medications and steroid injections can be administered by a G.P. if the inflammation is preventing mobility

Podiatrists can create personalised Orthotics inserts for flat feet or high arches to re-duce the pressure and conditions which can cause Morton’s Neuroma.

In severe situations, surgery can remove the benign tumour, which will create more space in between the toes. However, it is essential to try to prevent and avoid pressure by trying the solutions above.

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Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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